This page details the options for you to purchase a personal Tarot reading by either e-mail, or our 1-2-1 telephone readings service.


















When you have decided on your choice of reading "click" on the "purchase a reading" button here on the left.


Tarot readings online

 Hello I am Kakabel, let me introduce myself to you,

I am a Master in Mantic Arts with advanced diplomas in Wicca and Magical Herbalism.  I have been reading the tarot for over 40 years and am a 3rd generation psychic.  I will listen to you and try to help you bring back the balance in your life.   In any of the readings I do I may, if I feel this will help you,  use colour or chakra therapy  or I may give you a mantra or suggest a magical process which will help you.
Love & Light

Tarot reading online

Tarot Readings

Here's how it works:

1. Send an email to me at with your question, and if Tarot or Angel cards to be used.




Tarot readings online

Full consultation using tarot and fairy or angel cards. I will give you a layout based on the type of question asked. (e.g past/present/future) This costs £15



2. Go to the 'purchase a reading shop' page (now visible in the menu on the left), click on your required reading and put in 'cart', then proceed to 'checkout' and make your payment. Once I have received your payment and question via e-mail I can then proceed with your reading, which I will e-mail back to you within 48 hours or less along with a picture of the Cards and layout of your spread.


Dear Friends,

Due to a popular demand we are now able to offer a one to one telephone service.  To order a one to one telephone reading all you have to do is:


Send an email to me at 


send a text to :-  not available at present

then pop along to the "purchase a reading" shop page (now visible in the menu on the left) to make your payment, once this is received Kakabel will contact you with your reading.


A)      for a 10 minute detailed telephone reading,  £15  include your telephone number and the time/s you will be available and I will contact you.

Tarot readings by telephonee

B)      for a 20 minute more in depth telephone reading £30 include your  telephone number and the time/s you will be available and I will contact you.

Tarot readings by telephone

I hope you will all find this new service useful and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Love and Light,


For legal reasons due to the recent changes in UK law,  all Mystic Worlds Tarot Readings are deemed as "for entertainment purposes only".