This page will list any public investigation events being held at the Majestic cinema in King's Lynn.

The next investigation will be Saturday June 29th 2019! SOLD OUT!! 

To buy tickets for events at the Majestic please go to our Box Office page or click HERE! Tickets are priced at £25.



Please note over 18s only at these events.



 Majestic Cinema King''''s Lynn

Majestic Cinema King''''s Lynn 

Terms & Conditions for Investigation Events at the Majestic cinema, King's Lynn. 


All event attendees must be aged 18 years and over. And attendance is at your own risk.


Mystic Worlds reserve the right to cancel an event due to unforeseen circumstances beyond their reasonable control, or if insufficient booking numbers on a particular event make the running of said event unviable. In such cases ticket purchasers will be given the option to book onto another event, or request a full refund. No refunds for other reasons can be given, although if you find you cannot attend we will if possible transfer the ticket(s) to another person(s) providing they are aged 18 and over.


There is a genuine need to observe a variety of guidelines aimed at reducing the risk of personal injury.

Visitors should be aware that there are staircases, low arches, furniture, and other hazards which might be found on site.

As most tours and events will be conducted in low light conditions and occasionally total darkness, visitors are advised to stay together as a group and resist the temptation to wander individually. Moderate intake of alcohol before an event is permitted, but anyone deemed to be "the worse for wear", or causing offence to others will be excluded from the event, no refund will be given under these circumstances.


Those with heart conditions and/or a fear of darkness are seriously advised not to register for night investigation events.


Visitors are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes, and clothing. Tea/Coffee will be provided by the venue.


The temptation to take random flash photographs should be avoided as it can cause temporary blindness to other visitors. There will be specific periods set aside for flash photography.


Events at the Majestic are by permission of the management and staff of the cinema, please respect the site, its history and contents and act responsibly throughout the event.

By purchasing a ticket you are deemed to have read these Terms & Conditions and agree to abide by them.

 Checked MC 29/09/10








 All Mystic Worlds events are primarily for collecting evidence of "Paranormal" activity, and are also for your curiosity and entertainment.