Welcome to our page devoted to Angel Rituals & Readings offered by Kakabel. Here you will find details of the different Rituals & Readings offered by her along with links to her very own Blog pages.



Angel Meditation Rituals - £45

What are these Rituals?

Rituals help us to achieve our goals and thus live happier more fulfilled lives. All my rituals are worked in the name of God and the Angels.

My rituals are done during meditation when I am in contact with higher forces, angels and ascended masters all working together for your highest good. All candles used are specially prepared, the correct colour for the request is used, petition to the Angels is done in angelic script. Appropriate Angels sigils are used throughout.
My rituals, depending on the one chosen, can take anything from 3 to 7 days to complete as they are performed during the appropriate moon cycle, time and day. They can be purchased by using the blue underlined heading link at the top of each section.

If you do not see a ritual that suits your needs then drop me an e-mail and let me know and I will work out one specifically for you.

Rituals - all these Rituals are ~ £45



Good Luck

Good Dreams


Cleansing - to cleanse the mind and heart.

Chakra balancing

Healing - for healing relationships, correcting past mistakes, thoughts or actions.

Letting go of the Past

Inner Peace - good in a time of loss or if your life feels in chaos.

Forgiveness of self and others - frees you from negative feelings and thoughts

Anger release

Communication - used when communication has broken down.

Breaking - when someone is trying to make you do something you don't want to.

Repel negative - when you feel blocked and stuck and want to move forward.

Binding - binds negative energy from around you, your home or workplace.

Full Moon Release - When you want to get rid of things out of your life.

New Moon Attraction - This is to bring new things, thoughts, people, etc. in.

Ridding of unwanted negativity - of thoughts and actions from your life.

Legal matters

Quick money gain

Increase business

Success - This is to help create success in the business world

3 wishes - make 1 wish for happiness, 1 for finances and 1 for something other than health.

Collecting owed money

Job or career focus

Directing energy - To help direct your energy on the path of your desire

Well being - when you are stressed and you have an inner turmoil.


Fresh start


Angel Readings  - £15

Kakabel offers Angel Readings either by e-mail or one to one on the 'phone.

These readings are done using a specially hand made deck of Angel Cards. These cards are used solely for Angel readings and give subtle and accurate insights into your present situation.

These Readings are - £15 - and can be purchased by using the blue underlined heading link at the top of each section. When you have made your purchase send me an e-mail or text setting you your question or situation and i will dlo the rest.

Quick Text Reading - £5
Want a quick answer, yes or no, should I shouldn't I, or just an angel message for the day. Text Kakabel ( 07813998631 ) with your question, pop across to the purchase page and then I will reply by text straight away. Reply usually takes 2 texts.

Complete confidentiality assured.

Love & Light